Custom Restrictions

To Ship Captain

Dear Captain(s),

We would like to welcome you and your crew to Saudi Arabia, and wish you a nice stay at Yanbu. In order to make a smooth and efficient contract with your agent, we like to set out the following guidelines for ease in transactions and mutual benefit.

Office Hours:-
Saturday to Thursday: 0800 – 1330 hours & 1700 – 2100 hoursRamadan working hours: 1000 – 1500 hours & 2200 – 2359 hoursFriday: Closed (Office is manned by a personnel)
Orders & Ship’s Requirements:-

In order to avoid any disputes, you are kindly requested to place your requests, orders and services in writing, prior to arrival of vessel whenever possible, or to be delivered to our clerk attending the vessel on arrival.


Drugs, Alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited, pornographic magazines, video movies, cameras, photos should be kept sealed in stores during vessel’s stay in port. Any breach to this may lead to a stringent punishment by Saudi Authorities.

Female personnel should restrict their appearances outside their cabins and should be modestly dressed at all times. When going ashore personnel should dress in a modest manner, Shorts are not acceptable dressing. Ladies should dress in loose clothes that cover the neck to wrist and ankle and have their hair covered with a scarf.

Fishing, going to wharf, leaving the ship without shore leave pass accompanied by an agent is strictly prohibited. Officers are allowed to check the draft for few minutes only.

Shore leave passes:-

Shore leave passes will be granted to ship’s crew at master’s request for the vessels that will stay more than 2 days in the port. Master has to fax a list of crew who wishes to go ashore with the request to the agent.

The list should include:-

  1. Full name2. Rank3. Seaman book number4. Place and date of issue of Seaman book
    (All data should be as per Seaman book)

Crewmembers that are not holding a valid seaman book will not be granted shore leave pass.


Master is required to report to Port Control on VHF Channels, and by telex to our office or to the Agent in charge.

Crew changes:-

Signing On: Owners or Crewing Agent should notify us three working days prior to sending any crew to the Kingdom, giving us full details as per Seaman book and flight schedule. On receipt of this information, we will apply to Immigration office to obtain Seaman Transit Visa and confirm approval to board the airline. When the crew arrives, they will be received by our representative at Airport, who will assist them until boarding the vessel.

Signing Off:A prior arrival notice should be given to us giving details of tentative repatriating crew. Master should deliver Seaman book for repatriating crew to Out Boarding Clerk, along with an official request, authorizing us to arrange signing off, transportation, air tickets.

Master to emphasize to repatriating crew not to carry restricted items in their luggage. This may lead to inspection and long procedural hassles while exiting Port gate.

Spare parts & Publication Supply Parcels:-

All parcels should be marked “Ship’s stores in transit”, addressed to vessel’s Master, c/o Faisal M. Higgi Group (with our full address). Owners should give us a notice prior to arrival of the parcel to facilitate clearance in scheduled time.

In case master wants to disembark some parts, for repair/reconditioning, or transfer to other ship, it’s requested that we are given prior information providing complete details about the part:-

  1. Description2. Weight3. Measurement, Marks & Numbers4. Manufacturer5. Commercial Value
    Oil & Bunker Samples

According to Custom requirements, a prior notice should be given to us. When our Boarding Clerk is back on board, he will receive the sample along with the value declaration.

We wish that the above, will be an easy guide to communicate with us for fulfilling your requirements.

Assuring our best services and co-operation at all times.

Faisal M. Higgi & Associates Co., Ltd.

Your Local Port Agents

To Ship Captain and Crew

Dear Captain(s),

To abide by the country’s laws and restrictions, we request you to kindly emphasize that your crew does not carry any Video/Audio Tapes/CD’s or computer diskettes that may contain salacious/pornographic materials. The person carrying such items will be subjected to punishments as per Saudi law.

As per the process, the Custom Authorities will confiscate these items from crew while inspection of their luggage during passage at Airport or Seaport’s checkpoints, and will release to the agent after thorough check (1week ). The agent will require the necessary information to mail these items to the repatriated crew member along with mailing charges.

In order to rectify the problem, we attach herewith a form which should be filled by the repatriating crew and pay our boarding clerk (against official receipt) the appropriate mailing charges as shown on form (SS-0230O.F.). This will enable us to follow up the confiscated items when released by Authorities and mail it as soon as possible to its owner.

We request you to kindly keep this form in your files and instruct repatriating crew accordingly, as the Faisal M. Higgi Group is not responsible for these items in case of loss.